At Chee mau, we have front leading manufacturing technology of Ceramic PCB in China. Relying on its high heat conductivity performance and chemical stability at extreme working conditions, Ceramic PCB is getting widely used in industries such as semi-conductors, LED lighting, etc.

We are offering ceramic PCB manufacturing service to global customers at quite competitive pricing, welcome to send any cooperation proposal to us.





  • Higher heat conductivity

  • Matching thermal expansivity

  • Metal film layer with lower resistance

  • Good solder-ability with higher temperature

  • Low loss in high frequency condition

  • Can be assembled at high-density condition

  • Anti-cosmic rays, long durable at aerospace application

  • No oxide layer at copper layer

  • AL2O3

  • ALN

  • Sapphire

  • High borosilicate glass

  • LAM (Laser Activation Metalization)

  • DPC (Direct Plate Copper)

  • DBC (Direct Bonded Copper)

  • HTCC (High-termperature Co-fired Ceramic)

  • LTCC (Low-termperature Co-fired Ceramic)

  • Semi conductor

  • LED Lighting

  • Automotive

  • Solar Energy

  • Power Supply

  • Photoelectric Communication





Flexible PCB is one of the major PCB type that we manufacture. It is becoming more popular due to the expanding market of portable device. Flexible PCB(FPC) also includes a sub-type called rigid-flex PCB which combines traditional rigid PCB and work with flexible parts together.

Quite a number of flexible PCB manufacturers in China are small and mainly hand work, but in Chee mau we are using advanced equipment to make the production automated, thus our FPC are with stable quality and we have a good capability of mass production.


  • Small volume, light weight. 

  • Flexible, bendable. 

  • Can be dynamic flexible other than static flexible.

  • Can expand at 3 dimensions.

  • Except working as a normal circuit board, a FPC can also be work as induction coil, electromagnetic shielding, touch switch on-off button, etc.


  • Layers: 1~6 

  • Boart thickness (finished): 0.05~0.6mm

  • Copper thickness: 1/3~3oz

  • Line Space/Width: 1.6/1.6mil

  • Coverlayer (Registration): -/+2mil

  • Coverlayer (Line to Pad): 6mil

  • Surface Finishing: Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Hard Gold Plating, OSP, ENIG


Design Rule





FR4 PCB, as the most common type of circuit board, has so thousands of manufacturers in China. Some of them focus on quick turn prototyping and high mix, some of them focus on mass production. Yes, we are mass production FR4 PCB maker.

At Chee mau, we have above average manufacturing equipment and we are still investing in it. From simple 2 layers board to 30 layers multilayers, we have them all covered. 


  • Material: RoHS, Halogen Free&REACH Compliance FR4

  • Board Thickness: 0.15~3.2mm

  • Copper Weight: 1/3~6oz

  • Min. Line Space/width: 2.5/2.5mil

  • Surface Finish: ENIG, Hasl lead free, OSP, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Hard Gold

  • Also available: Peelable Mask, Carbon ink, Mixed Surface, Heavy Copper, Jump V-cut, Gold Finger, etc.


  • Industrial Control&Automation

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Automotive Electronics

  • LED Lighting

  • Medical&Health

  • IoT&AI

  • More...





Printed Circuit Board only function after it is assembled with components. So a large number of customers want us to assemble their PCBs for them, then we do it.

Using 7 most advanced SMT lines, Chee mau is capable of offering high speed PCB SMT service, plus our DIP lines, smart warehousing system and powerful components purchasing, our customer enjoys the superior quality, yet cost saving PCB Assembly service in one stop.


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