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Ceramic PCB in Automated Plant

We have already seen lots of factories with automoated plants in many Chinese cities, it has helped factories to achieve higher products quality and stablity. The control unit is the key part of industrial automation. So next we give two instances that ceramic PCB is used and function.

First is the brain of automated plant: control unit. It is a control unit that get command of the motor start, speed adjust, stop and reverse by changing the main circuit wiring and the resistance of circuits. For example PLC is such a control unit. As it has ultra high importance in the whole process, the standard is top level for the circuits around chips. And to realize precise control of motor, it requires highly on current frequency change which will lead to high heat. At this scenrio we can use ALN ceramic PCB, the high heat dissipation rate can help the control unit run in cool temperature. Yet with a lower DK value, the conversion of high frequency circuit loss less, it helps the command speed about 0.05second.

Next is robot. It is a machine that works automatic, it can receive human's order or run based on pre-set command. Fartherly it can work based on the principles that we set for artificial intelligence. By using robots, it replaces human in those works dangerously and repetitive. A robot normally consists of execute parts, drivers, inspection and controllers. AL2O3 ceramic PCB are used in execute parts and drivers. Because, for robots, the crucial part is controller, it'e mechanial hand or mixer do not require high heat dissipation. However, in high temperature and corrosive area, AL2O3 ceramic PCB is useful because it can bear high temperature up to 1000+ celsius degrees while corrosive resistent.

Besides the control unit and robot, there are other devices including sensors, solenoid valve, cameras also need ceramic PCB.

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