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Ceramic PCB on lighting industry

In 2014, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics by their outstanding contribution in the field of LED lighting. They were: Shuji Nakamura, Hiroshi Amano, Isamu Akasaki. While in the award speech, it said:" the incandescent light bulb illuminated the 20th century, the LED will illuminate the 21's century".

For better and more comfortable illumination, the lighting industry keeps improving, so far, LED has becoming the dominating choice.

LED which is a semiconductor chip to convert electric power into light. It is fixed with glue and connect with circuit board with silver wire or gold wire. Sealed with epoxy resin to protect internal wires, then packed with light case. The fast progress of LED is related to the advantages of itself. Smaller size, light weight, high efficiency, energy saving. It only uses a few degrees of electricity in more than 1000 hours. As contrast, a normal 60w light bulb use 1 degree every 17hours, a energy saving light bulb uses 1 degree every 100hours.

Yet LED light is viberation resistant, super long life and hardly being damaged physicly, their life cycle can reach 50K hours, which is 50 times of normal light bulb.

The most typical application of ceramic PCB is LED lighting. As everybody know, the light illuminates by electricity. Only 20% electricity will be converted into light and the others will be converted as heat. So if the heat can not be conducted away quickly, it will largely reduce the working life of LED.

Ceramic PCB can solve the heat issue as it has high heat conductivity rate: AL2O3 15~35 w/mk and ALN 170 ~ 230 w/mk, traditional aluminun material is 1~2 w/mk due to it has isoluting layer in the PCB. For ceramic PCB it does not need isoluating layer so the metal can contact with ceramic directly and the the heat which converted from the illuminating process can be conducted away in rapid speed.

Chee mau has cooperated with many LED light manufacturers and our ceramic PCB is used in varies LED products: high bay light, flood light, etc. We look forward to your contact.



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