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Printed Circuit Board only function after it is assembled with components. So a large number of customers want us to assemble their PCBs for them, then we do it.

Using 10 most advanced SMT lines, Chee mau is capable of offering high speed PCB SMT service, plus our DIP lines, smart warehousing system and powerful components purchasing, our customer enjoys the superior quality, yet cost saving PCB Assembly service at their loyal partner--Chee Mau.


Prototyping to small volume


Max. Dimension 660*440mm

Dots per day: 1Million

55mm square chips

0.2~6.0mm SMT components size

0201 packaging, 0.3mm pitch BGA

Line quantity


Producton Equipment

High speed SMT machine: Samsung SM471*2

Mid-speed SMT machine: Samsung SM411*1

Mid-speed SMT machine Samsung SM421*3

Auto printer: Jitian JT-1068LF*1

Lead free reflow soldering (two rails) Suneast GENESIS608E*1

Wave soldering machine Jintuo JTA-320-2M

Auto solder past printer DESEN DSP-1008*3

Inspection Equipment

AOI Visual check Jintuo JTA-320-2M*9

Oven temperature detector Bestemp Bestemp-X6i*1

X-RAY Pusi View X*1

Stenci tension detector CAPITAL CAPITAL-200*1

Auto board dividing machine HIH MLF-FO1PCB*1

Mid to High Production

UBGA: 0.4mm pitch, CSP 0.5mm

BGA: Smallest ball size is 0.3mm

0201-32mm, +/-0.03mm


Multi-function SMT machine: YAMAHA G5SD*1

H-speed SMT machine YAMAHA F8S*1

H-speed SMT machine HITACHI GXH*9

Lead free reflow soldering HELLER 1809*2

Lead free reflow soldering Vitronics Soltec XPM3m*3

FM-350 LF wave soldering Nitto FM-350*2

REACH Wave soldering Nitto SMART-350-M*2

Automatic Solder Paste Machine MPM MPM*5

Enviormental automatic supersonic cleaning machine Hekeda*1

AOI Visual Check equipment Juzi MI-3000*5

Smart first piece check machine Blueeye FAI-600*1

X-RAY Onte Onte*1


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SMT high speed plant

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