It was early in 2005, Mr. Wang Chi started CM electronic in Canton province of China. The company then started a quick growing period due to its precise market strategy and highly reliable quality.

7 years later, Chee Mau co., ltd, which focused on PCB production service for industrial customers, was founded in Chengdu city, Sichuan province. It has 200 employees initially, then 400, 700, 1000...year after year, in 2019 we have over 1200 employees with annual sales 80 million US dollars for the year passed.

The road never stops, in 2019, as per our customer demands, we have started to investigate offering CEM service and so far we have delivered a number of successful projects with high quality, they include consumer electronics and some high tech devices that will lead the world direction.

Ceramic PCB

Top Manufacturing Technology in China

FR4 Rigid PCB

Mass Production Advantaged, High capability

CEM Service

Contract electronic manufacturing, prototype to mid-production.

PCB Assembly

Advanced SMT lines, prototype and mass production


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