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Our membrane switch plant can manufacture a broad range of switches, including: resistance membrane switch, capacitive touch membrane switch/circuit, thin film panel, touch screen, etc.

These membrane switches are used widely in industries like medical, home appliance, industrial controal, railway transport, air and sea logistics, etc. As we have over 15 years experiences in making membrane switch, we have got certificates as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and OHSA18001.


    Capacitive membrane switch/circuits/panel

capacitive membrane switch_chee mau.jpg

Capacitive touch membrane circuit adopts high transmittance printed touch button or ITO etch touch button. For better cost effective purpose, now most capacitive touch membrane circuit use the printed method.

The membrane switch is a product that consist of a printed graphic panel and capacitive circuits, they are jointed by OCA or adhensive tapes. Furtherly it can achieve more function by integrating with capacitors, luminous diode and buzzers.

PCB/FPC Circuits membrane switch

FPCPCB membrane switch_chee mau.jpg

Most PCB/FPC circuits used in membrane switch is single layered or double layer. 

At circumstances which require high reliablity, high temperature, humidity and corrosive, we will suggest to use PCB/FPC circuit membrane swithch, it can work stable at medical, air and voyage, railway transportation fields.

Back-lit membrane switch

backlit membrane switch_chee mau.jpg

There are five types of back-lit membrame switches:

  • Cable back-lit: high cost with complicated manufacturing process, rare to see now

  • LED backlit: normally used for function display

  • EL cold light film banklit: can only be single color and need to install driver

  • LGF (light guide film) backlit: popular at current times, multiple colors and evenly display

  • LCD backlit: normally used in swithes where needed a touch screen

Membrane switch for medical devices

medical devices membrane switch_chee mau.jpg

We are ISO13485 certified manufacturer for membrane switches, we offer swithes for the devices such as breathing machines, blood analyser, vacuum pump, etc. All medical membrane switches can be customized by customers.

We can also use Reflex and Autotex AM series as our panel material to make the membrame switch antibiosis.

Capacitive touch screen/resistance touch screen

Capacitive touch screenresistance touch screen.jpg

We offer resistance touch screen with 4/5/8lines, and also offer capacitive touch screen as well as its touch module within 42 inches.

The structures used in touch screen includes: membrane to membrane, membrane to glass, glass to glass. It is okay to print button and other graphics on the membrane and glass panel.


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