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flexible pcb


Flexible PCB is one of the major PCB type that we manufacture. It is becoming more popular due to the expanding market of wearable device.


Flexible PCB(FPC) also includes a sub-type called rigid-flex PCB which combines traditional rigid PCB and work with flexible parts together. ​


Quite a number of flexible PCB manufacturers in China are small and mainly hand work, but in Chee mau we are using advanced equipment to make the production automated, thus our FPC are with stable quality and we have a good capability of mass production.

Flexi PCB Production Capability


Copper thickness

FPC thickness

Outline size


Line Width/Space


PI Cross Hatching

Hole Size

Laser Drilling

Annular Ring

Inner Space

Solder resist bridge


Copper Plating

Surface finishing

1 ~ 10 layers

Outer layer: 1/4 ~ 2oz

Inner layer:  1/4 ~ 1oz

0.058mm~0.6mm (tolerance+/-0.03mm)


Panel: 120*250mm ~ 420*500mm (+/-0.15mm)

Outline to Outline tolerance +/-0.1mm

Hole to Outline tolerance +/-0.1mm

Pitch to Outline tolerance +/-0.05mm

Outler layer Min. 0.05mm (+/-0.01mm)

Inner layer Min. 0.05mm (+/-0.01mm)

0.10mm (+/-0.02mm)

Cover finger 0.15mm

IC to IC 0.075mm

NPTH/PTH 0.1~10mm(+/-0.05mm)

NPTH/PTH 0.1~10mm(+/-0.05mm)

Outer layer/inner layer 0.10mm

Min./line2pad/pad2pad 0.10mm

line2line 0.05mm


Line width 0.12mm

height 0.8mm


  • small volume, light weight. Can be placed in tiny, high-density electronics.

  • flexible, bendable. Can be placed in any geometry equipment.

  • can be dynamic flexible other than static flexible.

  • can expand at 3 dimensions, increase the circuit design and industrial design possibility.

  • except working as a normal circuit board, a FPC can also be work as induction coil, electromagnetic shielding, touch switch on-off button, etc.


  • Automotive

  • Telecommunication

  • Comsumer Electronics

  • IoT

  • Medical 

  • Aerospace

  • etc

Thickness of hole wall 8~36um

Plating Uniformity +/-2um

Immersion Gold 0.025um~0.2um(Au), 1.0um~8um(Ni)

Soft Gold Plated 0.03~0.5um

Hard Gold Plated 0.05~0.76um

Immersion Tin 0.8um~1.2um

Tin Plated 6~30um

O.S.P 0.04um


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