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ALN PCB on New Energy Car

In China, the government pushes the process of using new energy cars and car networking. If we watch globally, the process of abandon traditional gas/petrol car is hot, we see this change is irreversible. The needs for PCB will increase year after year gradually.

New energy car consists of a large quantity of components with high voltage, high capacity such as IGBT, MOSFET module, all of them require high heat dissipation, so the layout of PCB can not be too close. Which increases the use of PCB too.

For a new energy car, we talk about the above modules only, their PCBs combined reaches around 0.8sqms. The internal Battery Management System (BMS) is the best system for intelligence control other than motor and internal combustion engine. Because it can realize zero time response, which is perfect for auto driving. Another hand, petrol car uses electric system of 12V, it is hard to supply large amount of high capacity modules, the battery of new energy car can support many more intelligence modules running, as a result, higher requirement on heat dissipation.

All in in, ALN PCB is a perfect choice due to its super high heat dissipation rate, it can conduct the heat generated in the power system and ensure the stable running of loads.

According to study, the market of new energy car will reach 35 Billion CNY in 2020 and in 2025 we are looking a market of 252 billion CNY market by the high speed increase. At that time, the needing of ALN PCB shall increase as well, estimated around 10 Billion CNY.

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