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Ceramic PCB in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is booming these years due to technology revolution in varies aspects. China has replaced USA as the world's largest automotive market since 2009. The industry is moving digitalized and intellengentized. Car sensors, as the key componant in automotive electronic control system, is being watched more and more every year.

Car sensors, works as the input device of car computer system, it collects a number of working information while the car is running. They detect and transfer speed, temperature of each part to electronic signals to the computing system, to ensure the engine works in perfect condition.

The quality of car sensor has a big impact on automotive driving safety. Sensor manufacturers, or we say consumers, are requiring higher standard of sensor every second. Which means, very strict purchasing standard is applied while the car makers purchasing sensors. Traditional car sensor were using metal core circuit board (MC PCB), which is becoming out of date, nowadays ceramic PCB is becoming the primary choice instead.

Ceramic PCB has a crucial impact to impact and improve auto sensor quality, itself has a lot of uncomparable advantages with tradictional PCBs.

Higher heat conductivity

Traditional aluminum PCB head conductivity is 1 ~2 w/mk, the copper itself is 383.8w/mk, but the insulating later only carrys heat conductivity about 1.0w/mk~1.8w/mk. For AL2O3 ceramic, the rate is 15~35w/mk, for ALN, the rate is 170~230w/mk. The point is ceramic PCB use ceramic as substrate, it does not insulating layer anymore, thus the circuit heat directly transfer to ceramic substrate and went away.

Matching heat expansion rate

Popular sensor material is Si, which as a very closing heat expansion rate with ceramic, in this case, there won't be problems while the temperature goes high and low, then circuit solder lost and innerstress problem.

Anti corrosion

We are know the working condition of car componants are harsh, high temperature, corrosive enviorment everywhere. It isn't rare to read on news that the car makers decide to recall their cars due to metal corrosion issues. Ceramic PCB use non-conductive ceramic as substrate, which is highly corrsion resistant, it won't damage the sensor.

Chee mau has top ceramic PCB manufacturing teconology, we are working with a number of world leading semi conductor companies in the world. We are looking forward to receive your RFQ as well.



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