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Ceramic PCB in solar panel

While the technology of solar panel is being mature and every country is stressing on enviorment protection, it has developed quickly in the past few years and been applicated in many industries. The solar electric generating system is composited by solar panel, charger controller, invertor and battery. The solar invertor plays very important role in the working efficiency of solar panel system.

Normally, we call the process of changing direct current to alternating current as invert, and the device to carry this process is invertor, also called power adoptor. The soler invertor not only being used to convert power current, but also can help to maximize the performance of solar panel and system protection, including auto running, auto stop, auto voltage adjust, DC monitoring, etc.

The soler invertor is a key part of solar panel components, so to help maximize the function of soler panel, we must use very strict technical requirement for invertors. This includes the advanced manufacturing process and its supervise, furtherly to the raw material used in invertors.

Perfect working condition depends on the invertor circuit. To improve the working efficiency, soler invertor manufacturers has abandoned traditional PCB materials and gradually moving to more stanble and more reliable ceramic PCB.

Ceramic PCB advantages

1. Higher heat conductivity.

2. Better electrical conductivity: there's no oxide layer in copper layer. It is realistic to do heavy copper without oxide layer on ceramic PCB, the result is better electric conductivity.

3. Double side ceramic PCB can work at both sides, with plated through hole on ceramic.

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