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Chee Mau successfully delivered power battery FPC

Chee Mau recently completed the delivery of kinds of FPC used in the field of power batteries. The FPC is mainly used for performance detection and control signal transmission of power batteries.

In the past, the power battery packaging process always encountered an annoying problem: the collection wiring harness was messy, squeezed the battery pack space, assembly relied on labor, and it was difficult to achieve automated mass production.

Under the circumstance that the energy density of the power battery is urgent to increase and the weight reduction is imperative, a new product FPC that replaces the traditional wiring harness has emerged. Compared with the traditional wiring harness, the production process of Cheemau's FPC signal acquisition line is basically automated, with high production efficiency and high dimensional accuracy, which is suitable for mass production. In terms of technology, the FPC solution has many advantages such as high integration, automated assembly, assembly accuracy, ultra-thin thickness, ultra-softness, and light-weight.



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