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Zirconia Ceramic PCB in Space Exploring

The ultimate dream of human being is to fly in the sky, furtherly exploring the Space. The dream is becoming true by development of science and technology, from satellite launching to manned space project, our air craft performance is getting more stable and advanced.

So what is the role of zirconia ceramic PCB playing in this development?

The process of rocket launching are powered by engine, the temperature of primary engine working above 1500 celsius degree, it is over the Max. working termperature of high temperature alloy and metallic compound (1200 celsius), but zirconia ceramic can satisfy it. The sensors around engine will be affected too, though the temperaure will reduce to several hundreds, PCBs can only work with limited performance. But zirconia ceramic PCB will not be affected at all.

While the rocket break the atomsophere, the big force of friction will affect the sensors--especially temperature and pressure sensors. Not only the big force but also the huge amount of heat. The pressure sensor will fail to work if the internal PCB is damaged by external force. If using zirconia ceramic PCB, with its high wear-resisting and pressure resistant feature, the PCB will not be damaged.

Also in space there are radiation. It is life killing for organic materials! Their chemical character will change, but ceramic as inorganic material will not be changed. The sensors and its circuits are exposed while in the space, so if we choose zirconia ceramic as PCB material, it will extand the life a lot. We also know in the space the temperature is quite low, we do not need heat dissipation, then zirconia ceramic PCB should be the best choice of flying in the Space!

At Chee mau we can manufacture Zirconia ceramic PCB with our patented LAM technology (laser activation metalization), welcome global customer cooperation with us.



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