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Today! HKPCA 2020 Begins in Shenzhen

The yearly big event of PCB industry: International electronics circuit, exhibition(shenzhen) started first day in Shenzhen today. The organizer has arrange a set of splendid activities and events in the next three days.

This year, despite the big challenge of the COVID, the exhibition got support from many electronic companies--over 2850 booth are sold out early and the front edge application and technology of 5G era will be displayed continuously.

You are welcome to download the layout and exhibitor list here below

Download PDF • 1.67MB

Next let's review some highlights of the press conference

Q1: The topic of this year is "5G Era, smart future", what challenges and opportunities you think 5G will bring to the circuit board industry?

A1:5G is a new type of network with features of "high speed, low delay, high reliability and vast connections". From the net work building to the end device, furtherly to applications, has generated numerous opportunities for PCB manufacturing industry. As in the hardwares of 5G wireless base station, bearer network, transmit network and core networks, PCB usage will increase much more than previous era.

Also, 5G terminal devices such as cell phone and smart watches, shall meet a new life cycle along with the network technology updates, we also see great opportunities here. The application of 5G also promoted the development of IoT, which can also bring a lot of sensor requirements with PCBs.

But we can also noticed that, with opportunities there are more rules and requirements for PCB manufacturers. Smaller size PCB, higher standard PCB--the next generation PCB must increase its performance on speed, integrity, heat conductivity, frequency and layers stack ups.

Q2: Since 2019, HKPCA and CPCA has cooperated together to build this most influenced exhibition of circuit board industry, this year is the 2nd year, what changes are we expecting from it?

A2: Our two associations build the "international electronics circuit (Shenzhen&Shanghai)", while we still keep our own exhibitions. With joint efforts, this twin cities exhibitions has been the biggest PCB exhibitions in China due to both associations efforts, it can better serve the PCB manufacturers in the long river delta and the zhu river delta.

This year, we published "online exhibitions" that brings to our people a new experiences to attend exhibition online. It will be ready and starts on 2nd, December. Also as our official website and official wechat account online, we hope to offer a brand new platform that our exhibitors and proferssiona visitors can communicate and cooperate without the barrier of time and locations.

Q3: this year has been such a year with many challenges, many of the PCB manufacturers are suffering, what advice you can give to them and what do you see in the next year?

A3: Generally, the market has been ups and downs, if we see in specified market, the medical area is still increasing. As we see the 5G is closer to consumers, people can work and study at home, also entertaining at home, this has brought huge demand of laptops, PC, iPad, high speed WIFI, etc. However, increasing in this aspect has been counteracted by the decrease of PCB needing in industrial, meters and equipment, automotive and aerospace.

We are seeing that, the top layer PCB manufacturer still have positive sales, but the second layer and the third layer PCB manufacturers are seeing quite a big diffculty. For the giants, they can take this opportunity to optimize their PCB production structure and increase their PCB quality, but for the rest PCB factories, they must invest a lot more source in research and development to increase their technology and quality, its a big challenge.

For the next year, if no special factors, the market will return increasing step by step. Our government now applying distinguished policy on envoironmental protection, for this PCB fabricators that invested much on envoironmental protection, they don't need to stop production while in polluted weather, that means our PCB companies must pay attention to enviorment protection and they will get return on that.

For visitors who wish to attend this exhibition, please scan below qr code for pre-registration

This passages content from official site of circuit electronics exhibitons:

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