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New Product Family:Membrane Switch

It has been prepared so long, we were not trying to announce that we make membrane switches in superior quality before they are accepted and performed well in long time by our European customers, which is a cross country group involved with many industries.

Chee mau is is still a bit new for membrane switch but our new family plant which makes membrane switch has been doing it for over 10 years.

Our membrane switch plant is the one of the first factories that passed ISO13985 standard which for medical industry, yet they are still certified with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSA18001 standards.

These switches already been exported to countries like USA, UK, France, Sweden, Japan and many more.

Next we'll show you what are the major types of membrame switch that we make

Furtherly, we are able to provide services including

  • window screen fitting/ACF hot-press soldered fitting

  • SCM(single chip microcomputer) development

  • Embedded system development

In the coming days, we will show you the membrane switches we have made for each type in details, but, you are welcome to send RFQ to us already before that!


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