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Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch

As a Chinese membrane switch manufacturer, capacitive touch membrane switch is our primary products. A typical Capacitive touch membrane switch is consist of capacitive touch induced circuit and capacitive touch panel.

The capacitive touch induced circuit adopts either etched touch button by ITO or printed induced touch button by PET, the ITO etching has higher manufacturing cost, so currently among the membrane induced circuits manufacturers, the PET printed technology is widely used.

The capacitive touch membrane switch includeds two parts: one is the induced circuits and another one is the panel. These two parts are jointed together by OCA or double sided tapes. It can realize unrestricted funcstions with some extra components added such as resistors, luminous diode, buzzing sounders, etc.

This type of membrane switch is the primary choice when apply to home appliances, medical and industrial fields. It is dependable and durable, because there is no mechanical and moving components, the induction parts are fully sealed below surface, it also does not need any drivers!

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Chee mau now offers a wide range of membrane switches and your own design is very much welcome, send your RFQ to for satisfaction.


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