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Manufacturing method of Ceramic PCB

Till now for ceramic PCB manufacturing, we have four major methods, they are:

  1. HTCC (High-termperature Co-fired Ceramic)

  2. LTCC(Low-termperature Co-fired Ceramic)

  3. DBC (Direct Bonded Copper)

  4. DPC (Direct Plate Copper)

We are going to go through these four major ceramic manufacturing methods in this passage now.


As its full name says, high termperature co-fired ceramic, is quite similar with LTCC. The major difference is there is no glass added in the ceramic powder. So the ceramic initially needs to by dried and harden in extra high termperature range between 1300~1600 celsius degrees, then drilled with through holes and print circuit with screen printing technology.

Since the temperature for co-fire is quite high, there is limited material available for conducting, such as Tungsten, Molybdenum(MO), Manganese, etc. The common thing is they are with higher melting point and less conducting performance.


For this ceramic PCB manufacturing method, first of all needs to combine non-organic AL2O3 powder with 30%~50% glass using organic binder, result in an even thick liquid. Next to use knife cutting them as sliced sheets, dry them as thin as possible and drill through holes for signal transmitting, screen printing to make circuit, press all layers together and put in a co-fired stove of temperature 850~900 celsius degree.


The Direct bonded copper means to put eutectic liquid with Oxygen and copper on the surface of ceramic directly.

During the temperature of 1065~1093 celsius degree, copper and oxygen form as eutectic liquid. The liquid will have chemical react with ceramic substrate to CuALO2 or CuAL2O4, then infiltrate ceramic substrate and copper.


Direct plated coppper ceramic PCB, firstly, pre-clean the ceramic substrate and using vacuum coating method to make the copper-metal composite film, then using yellow-light photolithotrapohy on light resistance for re-exposure, develop, etching and film peeling to make circuit. Lastly using plating method to increase circuit thickness, wait till the light resistance removed off to form the final metalized circuit.

After all these introductions, you will know how ceramic PCB is manufactured. At chee mau we mostly use DPC method for ceramic board making, please send your inquiry without hesitation.



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