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Ceramic PCB: Compare AL2O3 and ALN

AL2O3 and ALN are both very popular material to produce ceramic circuit board, in this passage we are going to review the common and difference of both materials and its made ceramic PCB.

ALN Ceramic PCB

  • Full name as Aluminium Nitride Ceramic, it is a kind of ceramic with ALN as principal crystalline phase.

  • ALN crystal is a covalently bonded compounds with ALN4 as unit structure, belongs to hexagonal crystal system.

  • Chemical compound: AL 65.81%, N34.19%, 3.261g/cm3, color white or grey white. Single unit crystal as clear, sublimation temperature at regular pressure is 2450 Celsius degress.

  • ALN Ceramic is a high temperature resistant material with thermal expansion rate (4.0-6.0)X10(-6)/℃.

  • Heat conductivity of ALN as high as 260 W/M.K, which is 5~8 times than AL2O3, so it can bear heat to as high as 2200 Celsius degress.

  • ALN ceramic has superior anti-corrosion feature.

AL2O3 Ceramic PCB

  • AL2O3 ceramic is a kind of ceramic material made mainly with AL2O3.

  • AL2O3 is a ceramic material with oxygen close-packed hexagonal sturcture.

  • AL2O3 ceramic has reletively higher conductivity, mechenical strength and high temperature resistance. Also it has high melthing point and hardness, excellent wear-resisting perperty.

  • AL2O3 is suitable for broad range of applications, devices which need high heat conducting, insulation performance, high power device, IC MOS Tube, IGBT module, high frequency power supply, telecommunications, strong current, high voltage, etc.

No matter AL2O3 ceramics or ALN ceramics, both of them are great choice to make ceramic PCB with high heat conducting and lower heat expansion rates.

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