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Button type of membrane switch

The button types of membrane switches can be divided into two categories according to the upper circuit layer: silver paste raised buttons and metal dome buttons.

Today we will focus on the difference between the two to facilitate customers' choices.

Silver paste raised buttons

In addition to being used as circuit, silver paste can also be used as a way to connect the keys.

The yellow part in the picture below is the convex area of the silver paste.


By pressing the silver paste convex plate of the upper circuit and contacting the lower circuit, the circuit conduction is realized.


Making silver paste convex requires a customized mold. The use of silver paste convex for bulk orders can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality stability.

Generally speaking, the convex size of silver paste can be designed to be 5mm-11mm in diameter. The recommended size is 8-10mm, which is more suitable for finger pressing.

Metal dome buttons

The scientific name of the metal dome is metal shrapnel. The metal dome used by Chee Mau is a nickel-plated cross metal shrapnel, which is more durable.


By pressing, the center of the metal shrapnel is connected to the lower circuit to realize the circuit conduction and trigger the signal.


The buttons with metal shrapnel have a good button touch and provide good tactile feedback to the operator.

Chee Mau can provide metal shrapnel with diameters of 8.4, 10, 12, 14, 16mm. It is recommended to choose 10-12mm, which is more comfortable.

How to choose

We mainly consider from three aspects: feel, price and service life.


Ordinary factories do silver paste convex keys using cold convex method,but Chee Mau made that using heat convex method. For this process, Chee Mau improved at least 10 times to ensure that the silver paste raised buttons feel very good and the rebound is obvious.

The resilience of the metal dome is much stronger, with a ticking sound, and the user can know that the button has been triggered according to the sound even in the dark.


Choosing metal dome buttons will be free of mold fees, but will be charged strictly according to the quantity.

The silver paste raised buttons requires a mold fee. If the second batch and subsequent products are exactly the same as the first batch, Chee Mau will charge a mold fee only once.

Generally speaking, Chee Mau recommends that when the number of buttons on a single membrane switch is greater than or equal to 5, the button selection is silver paste convex, which is more cost-effective.

Service life

The service life of metal dome button is more than 2 million times, and the service life of the silver paste raised button is about 5 million.

Compared with metal dome button, silver paste raised buttons have a longer service life.


There is no fixed recommended option for choosing metal dome buttons or silver paste raised buttons.

For example: the customer wants the membrane switch button to feel better, with a crisp sound when pressed, and when the budget is sufficient, you can choose the metal dome buttons.

Or the customer has a lot of buttons on the product, and wants to control costs and expect the product to last longer. It is recommended to choose silver paste raised buttons.

Chee Mau will clarify the difference between the two to customers. Customers combine the product needs and the above three conditions to choose a more suitable switch button.

Now you get more knowledge about the button for membrane switches, clap on you!



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