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Why we don't accept Paypal?

We know, Paypal is widely used, especially among individual buyers and they have excellent protection for buyers. Therefore, we often get asked

  • Can you accept Paypal?

The answer is "No."

Paypal is designed for on-line transaction

Paypal logo

Unlike traditional bank wire transfer, Paypal is designed for on-line business, such as Amazon, Wish, Ali-express, etc. It is between C2C or B2C with features of small amount, high order frequency, etc.

If is off Chinese government foreign currency control, so actually Chinese online sellers can only receive money in their Paypal account offshore, if they want to withdrawn the money, they must transfer from offshore to mainland China bank account with a yearly limit $50K/per year/per person.

So it is not designed for traditional trade, which has high amount of value, and must be under China government foreign currency control.

But, for PCB, there is kind of business mode suits Paypal: That is prototyping markets. We already seen some online PCB order website that offering PCB prototyping service accept Paypal, because it is small amount with high order frequency.

Paypal has a high transaction fee

You may ask us, "No, Paypal is free, absolutely." And we agree, Paypal is free, but for buyers only. Paypal for sellers charge 4.4% per deal, and $35 per withdraw request.

As a industrial PCB production company, with few PCB prototyping order, it is apparently not a good deal to use Paypal account.

A serious company doesn't use Paypal

Don't mis-understanding this point, we say "serious" because we reflects to company who has PCB production requirements with high order value, for example minimum USD 600. For company with this type, they must have traditional bank account for business, therefore use it for transaction less than $600 is reasonable.

As a PCB production company, Chee & Mau always offering convenience trade service to customers, our bank account can receive USD, EURO, CNY and other major currencies in the world directly.



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