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What should you do in the hot summer?

The long hot summer comes, again, and this time even hotter. Reported that in France the temperature climbed to Celsius 45.9!

No matter you are being lost in the beaches of Spain, Italy or you are still sitting under the 24 hours hard working running air conditioner. You should be reminded that:

Prevent sunstroke

Outdoor activity in high temperature makes people easy to get sunstroke, so if you must go outside, for heart and cerebral vessels affected and the weak, take pills along with you.

Prevent the "AC sickness"

If the temperature gap between indoor/in-car and outdoor is very high, it makes people get a cold or feel bad about stomach, so try to reduce the gap--that doesn't sounds easy I know!

Food safety

Stay away from the "go bad" food, especially you are traveling and want to eat some seafood, be sure they are fresh! At this temperature, they are easy to "go bad". And do not drink cold water a lot.

Safe swim

Swim is a good idea, but when you are in a new place, try to limit the area you swim. You do not know where is dangerous and you must take protection with you!

Stay safe and enjoy happy vocation, Chee mau wait when you come back for business. :-)



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