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Taiwan PCB factory stop production due to confict between US and Huawei

The ban issued by US government that prohibit Huawei obtain any chips made with US technology as not only stopped the means to get chips but also many of its vendors on other components. One PCB manufacturer in Taiwan has announced to stop production due to such event.

Reported by China times, China Taiwan PCB manufacturer Mutual-Tek has been affected by major customer(Huawei) order decrease, they made a decision to stop their plant in taiwan plant on 19th, Sept and switch all other PCB orders to Changshou plant, aiming to increase efficiency on PCB manufacturing by such methods.

Metual-tek says that the ban for Huawei effected on 15th this month but they have been informed by major customer that to stop order in the end of August. Huawei, as one of the key buyers for metual-tek, occupies 50% and 40% metual tek sales revenue in 2019 and 2020. As the order cancel has severely impacted operation and PCB manufacturing, increase a series of result on PCB manufacturing cost and transportation cost. Company have to decide close its Taiwan plant and change to operation headquater. All future PCB order manufacture activity will be switched to their Changshou PCB product plant.

However, the company stated they are financially strong without any foreseen crisis due to such matters, but the previous plan to set up a new PCB manufacture base in Taishan has to bo postponed.

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