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Now you can get pricing on line

We've been thinking of what our customer thinks.

Many customers won't get a rough idea of how their PCB would cost, they must send their Gerber to manufacturer's email and waiting about 1-4 days in order to get pricing.

But sometimes, customers only need a hint, that waste a lot of time waiting. Yes we know there are some company offering PCB quotation on line, but they are all quick turn focus with high cost while the quantity reaches big.

Now our PCB price calculator is available, it can give instant pricing on all standard rigid PCB from layer 1 to layer 8. We hope this will help you indeed.

Customers only need to input these information

  • PCB layers

  • PCB size

  • Purchasing quantity

The system will automatic give unit PCB cost along with setup or fixture cost, then if customer is satisfied with it, we also offered "upload Gerber" in next step so we will receive all information directly and confirm the pricing immediately!

Where to find it?

Scroll down to bottom of the page, you will see "PCB Price Calculator" in orange color, just click it.

pcb price calculator
pcb price calculator



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