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Importance of Human Skills in PCBA

In PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly), the technical level of workers directly determines the quality of products.

In China, there are a large number of workers engaged in PCBA, which is our advantage. However, the loss of workers is also particularly large, which cannot be ignored. Especially during the Chinese New Year that has just passed, many workers will choose to change jobs or change places of residence, which is not a small challenge to maintain the stability of artificial skills in PCBA.

In addition to adapting to a series of quality management systems of ISO, Chee Mau has developed a set of manual for our own manual skills training through years of technical accumulation, aiming to solve:

1. Maintain the technical stability of existing workers;

2. Conduct fast and accurate training for new employees so that they can reach the qualified level as soon as possible.

Therefore, every year after the Chinese New Year holiday is the busiest time for Chee Mau's quality department, the quality personnel will conduct training and assessment for new employees so that they can quickly meet Chee Mau's employment requirements.



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