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How to differentiate components quality in PCB assembly

Yesterday we had a review on the defination of components type used in China circuit assembly industry, today we are going to show you how to differentiate the components type while purchasing for assembly use.

No doubt either "Brand new original package genuine component" or "Original package genuine component" are 100% trustful to use, we should look into the secrets in "Bulk package component", because there are big difference under the same name.

SMT Components

Let's review whats included in this category and give them a short name

  • True bulk package component {short "True bulk")

  • Inspection failure bulk package component (short "inspect failure")

  • Refreshed component (short "refreshed"

The "true bulk" has a high confidence in quality, they come from original manufacturer and the only difference is they are not formally packaged, after all.

The "inspect failure" has a slight difference on PCB failure rate and stability, while they are both new it is so hard to tell before testing and using the assembled PCB.

The "refreshed" do big harm to the circuit boards, it can destroy a PCB totally.

So, we should keep in line with the genuine brand new componnets, keep away from the bulk packaging components.

How to differentiate these two?

  • Brand new original package genuine component (short "genuine")

  • Bulk package component (short "bulk")

Outer box, label, inner packing

Original manufacturer packaging has a fine looking package, with formal label which can be traced to its manufacturing details.

Some components packed with anti-static bag, when you open the bag, inside materials should be 100% clean.

Roll pasting

Original manufacturer roll pasting has very unified array with no issues, the bulk components comes with little trimming if we look closely in detail.

IC surface

For the refreshed components, one of the refreshing step is grinding the surface of IC, we should look closely to it and if they are "refreshed", you will see microgrove on it or the printing scar of previous marks. Some people will add a thin layer of materials to cover the old printings, this new layer will be with a different touch compare to original feeling.

Mark printing

Most of the IC now use laser printing, clear, hard to remove and not too eye appeal.

The refreshed IC mark printing usually has varies problems, such as vague, position, easy to be earased or too eye appealing.

which one is refreshed?

There is no single way, we should look overall harmony, consider one with another such as foots and marking...

Manufacturing date and packaging serial label

Oringinal PCB assembly components has same serial number and its manufacture date shall be the same as its looking. Some refreshed componnets has a messy manufacturing date marking, or we should say, the marking including the serial number is not reasonable, for example "888888", "666666", etc.

Acetone erasing test

We can try to use acetone liquid with a certain concentration to erase the surface marking, to define whether the marking is re-printed or original.

In one sentence, the skill of "refreshing" the components now is much improved, it becomes even harder for circuit board assembly factory to inspect by eyes and experiences, in this case we often use special tools and devices to make such inspection. For example: digital maginifier, X-ray machine, etc.

In Chee mau we pay 100% attention to our material purchasing for SMT use, all of our componnets are genuine brand new which will give 100% benefits for your PCB board!

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