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Foxconn India Plant Laid UP

Foxconn India plant, whom is one of the world major electronic manufacturing service (EMS) company, is now being laid up due to the recent status between China and India.

India government has increased its censorship for all the commodities imported from China, this comes in a sudden and it has made a clear impact on the manufacturing of Foxconn India plant, whom is the major electronic manufacturing service company of Apple Inc.

Leads says India custom detained some of the commodities shipped from China and lowered the custum claim process. Now, giant companies such as Apple and Dell are making efforts to get the commodity released, however, it has already made hundreds of employees of Foxconn has no work to do in plant.

Additionally, over 150 shipments (including smart phone and other electronic components) are detailed by India custom at Chennai Port. Despite that a small number of shipments are being processed.

Two Foxconn plants were affected most, they are in Tamil Nadu and Andhra with its focus on assembly cell phone of Apple and Xiaomi. Thousands of workers has nothing to do therefore they can only stay at dormitory.

So far India ministry of commence, Apple and Xiaomi are being silence, one of the Indian custom officer claim to medie "this is only temporary, it will come back normal soon. We will not, and we can't, inspect all the goods 100% forever. Those affected non-chinese companies will have priority in custom clearance."

We do not know the total impacts of such affair so far, but as we know many India company has met supply chain issues due to previous lockdown of COVID-19, they were suffered and its just in the begining of coming back.


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