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Fight $1 with manufacturer, pay $100 more in shipping...

As PCB manufacturer, we sometimes do not understand, our distinguished customers bargain with us for $1 in a long run, nearly fighting with each other. Then while all is set, turn around pay $100 more in shipping...

Customers usually like to use their own carrier account for shipping arrangement, however, keep in mind:

Freight collect is always much expensive than freight prepaid

In China export industry, there are numerous shipping agency companies, they get discounted price from big carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc and then sell to exporters. In this way, Chinese exporters can enjoy good discounted price than the nominal price matrix. Bear in mind, the carrier don't change, agency will be in charge of collection cartons to carrier's warehouse and then their job is done.

sino-euro train
sino-euro train

Another way?Sea shipping sometimes is an option especially for large size with regular orders. Customer enjoy very low rate of freight and waiting from 15~30 days till goods arrive.

Recent year, the new trend is Sino-Europe train shipping, it stands in the middle of air and sea, it is much cheaper than air, while quicker than sea. So if you have regular order, especially destination is Europe countries, you really need to think about train shipping!

So if you want to save more money, better to use exporter's shipping service and consider train/sea shipping while in batch order.



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