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Equipment in PCB Assembly Line

Printed circuit board assembly is an inevitable process for circuit board work as a functional object. In this passage let's review the typical equipment that are used in circuit board assembly.

Solder paste printing machine

The solder paste printing machine works at the front of SMT process, to print solder paste on the PCB in solder pads or somewhere appointed to. There are normally three types of solder paste printing machine by its working mode: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Surface mount machine

Surface mount machine works just behind the solder paste printing machine, its functions is to pick up the SMT components from its package and place to the appointed location on the circuit board. The function and capability of the machines mainly depends on its speed.

The surface mount machine is the most important, advance and expensive equipment in the whole PCB assembly line. A fully SMT machine is an equipment that has integrated with most advance technology in precision machinery, electric, pheumatic, optics, sensing industry.

The selection of SMT machine of a PCB assembly line is subject to its line types such as prototypes line, mass production line or high speed line, etc.

Re-flow soldering machine

The re-flow soldering machine can offer an enviorment for heating, so to realize the fusion of solder paste on the boards, aiming to bonding the surface mount components with its soldering pads firmly.

The re-flow process is relatively simple with high effiency and quality. It can save soldering material which is quite good for automatic assembly of PCB, now it has been the most typical method in PCB assembly line.

Wave soldering machine

The wave soldering machine, as its name indicates, uses the waves of molten solder circular flow to contact the soldering side of PCB with components, to realize soldering in group by relative movement with a certain speed. It is mainly used for traditional PCB design with DIP or DIP with SMT technology.

Comparing to hand soldering, the wave soldering machine has advantages of high productivity, stable quality and reliability.

Inspection equipment

The inspection machine can inspect the assembly quality of surface mount and soldering. Popular equipment includes microscopes, AOI machine, ICT, X-RAY, etc.

Reparing equipment

The reparing equipment can repair the PCBs that has defects in varies ways, regular tools including soldering iron and reparing station, etc.

Cleaning equipment

The cleaning equipment can wash away those matters can affect PCB functions and residue that can be harmful for human body such as scaling powder. Regular cleaning equipment includes super sonic cleaning machine and dedicated washing liquid.

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