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Does Chinese Celebrate Christmas?

Today is 24th, December, which means most of the western world (typically the Christian religious area) are on holiday mode. We, at Chee mau, has sent out some Christmas wishes to our important customers, along with other Chinese PCB manufacturers.

Our customers would often have a question: does Chinese celebrate Christmas as well?

The Christmas day has becoming popular since 2010's in China, however, the meaning of the day is way different from the original in other countries. Christmas day, is more of an expression of entertainment other than a religious festival. For example, the Valentine's day at 14th, Feb and the newly invented "single's Day" at 11th, November are more or less the same for Chinese. They are being treated like a carrier or an excuse for people to have fun, to escape from reality.

So the Christmas day is quite popular in China now, the young people hang around with each other in the shopping mall, having delicious food, watching latest movie and we'll see huge Christmas tree in the city center, decorated red clothes for the servants in restaurants and "Merry X'mas" are heard between each other.

However, foreigners may get confused because Chinese young people tend to send an Apple to their loved ones and called it as "safety Apple", which originated from silent night, because one person who is silent means they are being safe!

In general, Christmas day in China is more of a commercial festival other than a religous holiday, actually Chinese do not have official holiday during Christmas days!



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