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Compeq-Top ten HDI PCB manufacturer

2. Compeq


Compeq was founded in August of 1973, the first PCB manufacturer in Taiwan. Its business includes PCB (multi-layers, HDI, high layers, FPC and rigid-flex), PCBA.

Compeq has manufacturing plants in Luzhou(TW), Dayuan(TW), Huizhou(CN), Suzhou(CN) and Chongqing(CN).

Monthly PCB capacity (m2/month)

  • Luzhou plant: 60K

  • Dayuan plant: 20K

  • Huizhou plant: 185K (HDI+multi-layers)

  • Huizhou plant: 200K (FPC)

  • Chongqing plant: 40K (HDI)

  • Suzhou plant: 35K (FPC)

HDI of compeq include 1+N+1, 2+N+2 and higher, Any Layer, SLP, Rigid-flex PCB.

In financial year of 2017, Compeq runs a sales revenue about 53.94 Billion Taiwan Dollars. In 2018, the number is 50.82 Billion (TWD), with a decreasing of 5.82%. HDI covers about 47% and multi-layers covers 5%, FPC/Rigid-flex covers about 48%.



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