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AT&--Top 10 HDI PCB Manufacturer

AT&S was founded in 1987 with headquarter in Austria. In 1999, it get listed in Frankfurt, Germany. Now AT&S has over 10,000 employees with manufacturing plants in Austria, India, China and South Korean. Products include multi-layers PCB, HDI, Rigid-flex PCB and FPC.

The HDI capability of AT&S include 1+N+1, 2+N+2 and over. Any Layer, SLP and Rigid-flex PCB.

In financial year of 2017, their revenue of sales reached 1.09 Billion USD with profits rate before tax 9.1%. In 2018 (calendar year) they sold 1.016 Billion EURO with HDI coverage 63%. Now AT&S is one of the biggest maker of SLP PCB.



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